RePack consists of a group of team players that are dedicated to achieving our vision of a fully renewable future for everyone.

Jørgen Erdal | Co-founder & CEO

Jørgen brings experience in strategic and structured leadership from three years in Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where he focused on strategy and operations in large scale renewable energies. Jørgen also brings renewable energy domain expertise from his Masters of Science in renewable energies and smart grids from NTNU and ETH Zürich, with a Master’s Thesis in battery system optimisation.

Radu Achihai | Co-founder & COO

Radu brings 15 years of experience from operational topics in the energy business (including regulatory and logistics for hazardous materials), the last 8 as the Head of Operations for the start-up Visuray where he brought a novel technology to the oil and gas field. Radu also holds a Masters of Science in computer science and an executive MBA from BI Oslo.

Mohamed Jaidane | Interim CTO

Mohamed is an experienced systems and electronics engineer with more than 13 years of experience. Having delivered complex systems for harsh environments within the domains of aerospace and O&G, Mohamed brings a proven track record of leading multidisciplinary engineering teams to deliver critical equipment. Mohamed also brings experience from several startups both in Norway and Tunisia.


Leif Andreassen | CFO Leif has over 10 years of experience in corporate finance and strategy, spanning start-ups, renewable energy and large industrial domains, the last 6 from Boston Consulting Group (BCG). His expertise spans strategy, M&A and fundraising, having led several venture builds, large M&A transactions and numerous capital raisings. Leif holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Herman Hille | Head of Engineering

Herman is a Mechanical Engineer coming from the position of Service engineer at Baker Hughes where he has been part of their Norwegian branch delivering high-precision pressure sensors to the oil & gas sector. Besides his broad professional experience, Herman has also converted a Mini from petrol to electric propulsion together with his father and from the ground up rebuilt & re-engineered his Jeep several times. In RePack, Herman will take a leading role in the engineering and production.


Dag Leyser Henriksen | Business Development Manager
Dag is an accomplished Business Development Expert with more than 20 years of experience in the energy sector. Specializing in innovations for new and established solutions in the energy sector and driven by a passion for innovation and energized by new challenges, Dag has the unique ability to leverage disruptive technologies and for building trust-based relationships providing strategic expertise for sales, marketing, and business development to open exciting new markets.
Orsi Parkanyi | Head of Marketing

Orsi brings over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Public Relations, having worked together with 50+ startups and scale-up companies in Australia, Norway and globally. She is also an accomplished entrepreneur having established two startup businesses. Orsi holds a Bachelor in Science (Honours) degree in Environmental Science from the University of Technology, Sydney and a Masters degree in Engineering and Management from Budapest University of Technology & Economics. 

Anirudh Kurup | Mechanical engineer

Anirudh brings a broad and practical experience within product design, and is responsible for structural and thermal design in RePack. From his studies in aeronautical engineering and engineering design, Anirudh's portfolio includes everything from game design to rescue rafts.

Théo Degeorges | Electrical engineer

Coming directly from designing the battery management system (BMS) of Revolve NTNU's electric race car, Théo is hitting the ground running with RePack. Responsible for the BMS and electrical architecture, Théo is working with the heart of our products. Théo has a double Master's degree in electrical systems and robots from École Centrale de Marseille and NTNU, where he wrote his Master's thesis with the prestigious drone team of NTNU - Ascend.

Amund Raniseth | Engineering intern

While studying future battery materials at the University of Oslo, Amund is supporting RePack in several aspects of product development and production. Having a broad background spanning from the behaviour of different cathode materials to how to convert a laptop battery to an e-bike battery, Amund is a great resource in our lab.

Mohammad Usama | Embedded systems intern Usama has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Science and Technology in Islamabad and currently studies Computational Engineering at the University of Stavanger. In RePack, Usama is working on our IoT systems which is connecting our battery systems to the Battery Cloud.

Repack is seeking talents to join us!

Join us in developing novel technologies that enable turning a multi-million ton waste issue into a multi-billion euro opportunity, saving the planet at the same time and making an impact on 4 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.